Can a Front Tooth Implant Be Done in One Day?

Can a Front Tooth Implant Be Done in One Day?

Feb 01, 2023

If you miss a front tooth and consider replacing it with dental implants, you will undoubtedly have questions about whether you can have the implant in one day from the dentist in 75227. Fortunately, you can have implant placement completed in one sitting with the dentist if you plan ahead of time to have them before extracting a tooth or after losing a tooth to injury or infection.

Tooth loss is a common condition affecting many who seek replacement options for their teeth to restore aesthetics and mouth functionality. Therefore if you have planned for dental implants, you can rest assured the dentist will complete the insertion in one appointment with them. However, it doesn’t mean you will receive your artificial tooth on the same day because you must wait until the dental implant fuses with your jawbone to become part of your body.

In contrast to the popular belief that the dental implant process is lengthy and requires plenty of time, planning in advance to have them is crucial if you want to close the edentulous void between your teeth. The dental implant surgery is relatively minor and is completed by the dentist in a couple of hours, depending on how many teeth you want replaced in your jaw.

Is a Front Tooth Implant Painful?

Whether you want a front tooth replaced or a molar, you must undergo surgery to have the dental implant inserted deep into your jawbone. Whether minor or significant, surgeries cause pain if performed without adequate anesthesia. However, you will experience no pain from a front tooth implant because the dentist administers anesthesia according to your dental anxiety level, besides providing you with local anesthesia in the mouth near the surgical site. Therefore, you will likely sit through your appointment feeling some pressure in your mouth without pain as the dentist works for drilling your jawbone to embed the implant deep into it.

How Does Dental Implant Surgery Work?

If you seek dental implants in Dallas, TX, for a front tooth, the dentist creates a customized treatment plan for you after evaluating your general and dental health. Your eligibility for dental implant placement is negated if you have periodontal disease, immunosuppressive conditions, or jawbone deterioration. In such cases, you must have the underlying conditions treated and controlled before getting dental implants.

Dental implant surgery starts by administering local anesthesia in your mouth and sedation if your dental anxiety levels are high. After you are comfortable, the dentist drills your jawbone after making incisions to place the dental implant deep into it to function as your artificial tooth root. After inserting the implant, the dentist closes the surgical site advising you to care for your mouth and the implant appropriately during the healing procedure.

Dental implant surgery doesn’t require much time. Unfortunately, the recovery process from getting a front tooth implant is lengthy and will require three to six months for the titanium post to osseointegrate with your body. After you complete the healing procedure, you must undergo another surgery for abutment attachment, the connector post for holding your dental crown. You require another two weeks to recover from surgery the before you revisit the dentist to provide impressions of the lost teeth and mouth for the dentist to create your dental crowns from porcelain matching the color of your natural teeth for placement in another three weeks.

Your final appointment with the Dallas dentist is to have your customized dental crowns placed over your dental implant. The final procedure requires about an hour for the dentist to attach your customized dental crown to the abutment to function as a replacement for your missing tooth.

How Do They Do Implants on Front Teeth?

Dental implants near you perform implant placements for front or back teeth, as described earlier. However, you can request a temporary dental crown over the implanted post immediately after implant placement for aesthetic purposes. The dentist can provide you with a temporary tooth with advice that it must be replaced eventually after you have healed from the surgery. Therefore while you can have dental implants in one day from the Dallas dentist and can even request a replacement tooth, at the same time, you help yourself by waiting for the dental implant to fuse with your jawbone because it helps provide the stability your tooth needs to function appropriately.

If you are missing a front tooth and considering replacement with dental implants, we suggest you contact All Care Dental to plan for your treatment ahead of time. The dental practice can surprise you by completing the dental implant procedure quickly and giving you an artificial tooth soon after for aesthetic purposes to close the edentulous gap between your front teeth.