Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings in Dallas, TX

When you damage one of your teeth or are experiencing a cavity, Dr. Kim at All Care Dental has a solution. Because the exterior has been compromised, we need to support the structure by repairing the internal components which might have decayed or broke. To do so, we offer comprehensive dental fillings near you in Dallas, TX.

What Is a Filling?

A dental filling is one of the most frequently seen dental procedures around the world. It is a small amount of material that is inserted into a tooth to protect the soft interior structure and provide a new surface for biting and chewing.

Fillings are essential because the tooth is made of separate layers. On the outside is a durable coating of enamel, specialized hard tissues. Enamel is responsible for protecting the soft interior pulp and nerves which exist inside of the tooth and keep the structure healthy and connected to the jawbone.

Who Needs One?

The most common reason someone might require a filling is when they have a dental cavity. A dental cavity occurs when enough plaque and bacteria build up on the teeth to destroy part of the enamel and start to attack the internal soft tissues. This causes pain and discomfort, and it weakens the entire tooth.

However, someone might also require a filling if they have chipped, cracked, or otherwise fractured a healthy tooth. In this case, it is possible for part of the enamel to fall off and need to be replaced to prevent future health issues.

Can I Choose the Material for My Filling?

At All Care Dental, we offer several different materials for fillings. Each one has a different appearance, lifespan, and overall durability. Two of the most popular are porcelain and composite resin, which mimic the natural appearance of a healthy tooth. Our staff will gladly discuss your options with you and can make recommendations based on your budget and lifestyle.

If you need a filling in Dallas, TX and are seeking a quality provider, contact us today at All Care Dental. Our team of trained professionals will be happy to help you on your way to better oral health and wellness.

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