TMJ Treatment

TMJ/TMD Treatment in Dallas, TX

Is your jaw causing you discomfort? Do you find eating to be a chore and no longer enjoyable? TMJ/TMD may be the cause of your problems. You should have this checked as soon as possible to determine what action needs to be taken. Don’t go another day in pain! At All Care Dental in Dallas, TX, we would be happy to assist you in exploring your options.

What Is It?

Patients suffering from temporomandibular disorder (TMD) experience different symptoms. When your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) isn’t working properly, you may hear clicking sounds when you chew food. Pain may also accompany any movement of your jaw.

This is because the muscles are likely inflamed. You may even experience your jaw locking up or swelling around the area. These symptoms are often the result of grinding of the teeth or stress. TMD also occurs when there’s been a dislocation or brought on by arthritis.

Cases vary wildly in intensity, but those who have been suffering longer may require more in-depth options. If this is happening to you or a loved one, it’s time to look into treatment.

Who Needs TMJ/TMD Treatment?

Some instances will see TMJ/TMD subside on its own. If you have been suffering from discomfort for quite some time, treatment may be your only recourse. If medications aren’t having any effect, we may discuss physical therapy.

For many patients, exercising the jaw is effective in reducing pain. If there is no improvement, however, it may be necessary to consider surgery. There are times when minimally-invasive actions can be performed that involve draining or injections. Other patients require repairing of the mandible or joint.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

There are instances when treatment brings immediate relief. Electrical nerve stimulation can work right away to reduce or eliminate pain. If surgery was deemed necessary, it may require several months before long-term relief is attained.

Thankfully, there are many options to explore in determining what is best for your needs. When you call All Care Dental in Dallas, TX, we will be happy to set up a consultation. From there, we will work hard to ensure that you get the best care.

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