Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry in Dallas, TX

When you become affected with a dental issue, you can count on All Care Dental to effectively treat it and restore health to the area. With our range of treatments in restorative dentistry in Dallas, TX, we can quickly and painlessly restore either the function, appearance, or both to a tooth so that you can continue enjoying daily activities.

What is Restorative Dentistry?

As the name sounds, treatments in restorative dentistry restore a tooth to health, whether it has been affected by damage, decay, or become worn down over time. Restorative dentistry can also replace teeth that have been lost. Your dentist at All Care Dental is proud to offer a variety of treatments to address any dental issue you or your family may encounter.

What Treatments Are Available in Restorative Dentistry?

There are two types of treatments in restorative dentistry: direct and indirect. A direct treatment requires only one visit to our dentistry near you in Dallas, TX as the treatment is applied directly onto the affected area, as in the case of fillings or dental bonding. Indirect treatments must be created in a dental laboratory before they can be fixed onto a problem area. These require a second appointment and include treatments like crowns and bridges. Common treatments in restorative dentistry include:

  • Dental fillings: One of the most common treatments in dentistry, dental fillings are used when a tooth develops a cavity. The decay is removed, and that tooth structure is replaced with a filling.
  • Dental crown: A dental prosthetic is placed onto a tooth to completely cover it. This treatment is needed when a tooth is at risk of breaking or has already broken. It can also be used cosmetically to improve the appearance of a tooth.
  • Bridge: A dental bridge is used to fill in a gap in the teeth when most of the teeth remain on the gum line. It is a prosthetic that is anchored with a dental crown.

Restorative dentistry also offers options for replacing missing teeth with dentures or dental implants. Your dentist at All Care Dental will be able to consider your personal needs in order to recommend the best treatment for you.

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