Invisalign Treatment: Expectations for the First Month

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Invisalign Treatment: Expectations for the First Month

August 1, 2022

Invisalign is the most famous orthodontic procedure available nowadays. It eliminates the need for metal braces while still doing the same work. But you must keep your clear Invisalign aligner in your mouth for the time till your orthodontist tells you.

What to Expect During the First Month of Invisalign Treatment?

Here are things you can expect:

1. Preparation

The orthodontist will start with the assessment of the smile aesthetics. He/she will take 3D pictures of your mouth to create a tailored treatment plan. Then, the expert sends the information to the Invisalign provider for manufacturing.

When they are ready, the expert will ask you to visit the dental office. The orthodontist will test the new aligner’s first set and provide aftercare instructions.

2. Enjoy Your Journey to Desired Smile

The next stage includes wearing Invisalign in Dallas, TX a minimum of 22 hours/day. It will help you to move teeth into the perfect alignment slowly. Usually, it will take some time to adjust to the trays. You may experience a slight lisp. But that is okay. You will need to practice wearing the device a few times.

Remember, you will move on to a new aligner set every two weeks. Ensure you visit the dentist regularly because it will let the expert assess how your treatment is going on and make necessary adjustments to the plan.

3. Keep Up with Your Cleaning Routine

Aligners need a little bit of maintenance on your part. The dentist near you will offer you some specific instructions for maintaining it at home. Thus, you must ensure dental aligners in Dallas, TX stays clean.

The Importance of Keeping Your Aligners Clean

It is vital to learn the importance of keeping your Invisalign sparkling clean. When you eat something, you are continually exposing your teeth to bacteria. Thus, you must take it out while drinking or eating anything other than simple water and wash it each time.

In addition to that, always floss and brush the aligner after having snacks or a meal before placing the aligner back in the mouth. It will prevent the food bits, plaque, and bacteria from getting stuck between the teeth and aligner tray. But failing to clean the plastic aligner will lead to discoloration and bad breath.

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How to Deal with Any Discomfort or Pain You May Experience?

Stick to the following pointers if you face any discomfort or pain from Invisalign:

1. Place Something Cold

To reduce pain and swelling, place a cold compress, ice pack, or a bag full of peas or frozen vegetables in your mouth. But avoid doing this against your skin directly.

2. Say No to Hard Food

When you have sore teeth, avoid consuming hard foods such as crackers, nuts, etc., because it can result in more pain. Instead, you can choose foods such as tuna, bread, etc.

3. Drink Chilled Water

Prefer drinking cold water while wearing your plastic aligner. It will minimize the soreness in the affected area. Do not consume high-sugar drinks like soda, juice, etc., because they cause harm to the teeth.

4. Avoid Taking Your Aligner Out Frequently

When you leave the aligner for a long time in your mouth, it will fit more snugly because your teeth readjust to the plastic aligner. It might also lead to pain. So, make sure you do not take it out too often.

5. Insert Your New Aligner Before Sleeping

Rather than in the morning, you must insert your aligner a few hours before going to bed. It will offer teeth time to adapt to their new position and eradicate Invisalign pain.

How to Stay on Track with the Treatment?

Follow the tips below to meet the recommended 22-hour wear time:

a) Stay Consistent in Wearing the Aligners

Failure to wear your aligner creates big gaps in your treatment to a straight smile. To prevent this, take it out while drinking or eating other than water or complete your oral hygiene routine.

b) Take Proper Care

Invisalign aligners at All Care Dental need proper care. Store the device in the protective case to prevent cracking, chipping, or other damage. Always keep the aligner bacteria-free by immersing it in a special cleaning solution every day. But avoid washing it using hot water.

c) Keep Every Aligner Set with You

Avoid tossing the aligner in the bin after finishing with the set. It will help you in case you misplace your existing one.

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