Five Crucial Things to Realize about Dental Fillings

Five Crucial Things to Realize about Dental Fillings

Jan 01, 2022

Dental fillings are a standard procedure sought after by many people. Dental fillings are recommended by All Care Dental as optimal when dealing with cavities. While the treatment may seem intimidating, it helps you alleviate some anxiety by having some valuable and precise information about the dental filling procedure before visiting the dental facility.

Dentists provide dental fillings near you to restore the effects of tooth decay to preserve health, appearance, and functionality. Please do not assume dental fillings merely help restore cavities because some dental fillers are also helpful to repair damaged and broken teeth. The procedure is merely a therapy to restore teeth affected by tooth decay and damages to make your teeth healthy and functional again. If you have received a recommendation for dental fillings, here are five crucial elements for you to know about them.

1. Various Types of Dental Fillers Are Available

Not all fillers are similar, and you can decide with the dentist near me to provide the fillings in the appropriate variety suitable for your teeth. The most common dental fillers include silver amalgam, composite resin, metals, and ceramic.

Silver amalgam is perhaps the most common filler used for filling molars for its durability and affordability. Silver amalgam fillings have been around for over a century. You can even have gold fillings if you desire so long as you are willing to endure a couple of appointments to your dentist and pay higher prices for the restorations. However, if you need the fillers in the aesthetic zone of your mouth, dentists recommend ceramic or composite resin fillings because they are tooth-colored and remain indistinguishable in your mouth. You can discuss which filling material is appropriate for your situation depending on the location of the cavity or the reason why you need dental fillings.

2. Negligible Downtime after Getting Fillings

After you get dental fillings, you can continue with your regular activities following the procedure. For example, you can begin eating the food you love after the numbness in your mouth wears off. However, you may experience sensitivity for a couple of days, especially if you have metal fillings in your molars.

3. After-Care Is Essential

After-care after getting dental fillings is a requirement you cannot ignore. The risk of infections exists during the first few hours or even until a couple of days. Therefore good oral care helps reduce pain and soreness in the treated tooth.

4. The Filling Procedure Is Comfortable

Expect the dental filling procedure to remain comfortable. The dentist in Dallas provides local anesthesia to ensure you don’t feel anything during the decay removal or when placing the fillings. In reality, you may experience numbness in your mouth for a few hours after the procedure to repair your teeth.

5. Dental Fillings Preserve Your Tooth’s Health

Dental fillings in Dallas, TX, preserve your tooth’s health and are an essential procedure if you have tooth decay. Tooth decay doesn’t heal itself if left untreated. Fillers are necessary to prevent the spread and reduce the risks of infections in the tooth. If you refuse dental fillings from the Dallas dentist, you can prepare yourself to eventually need root canal treatments and a dental crown at considerable expenditure. Your neglect can even result in tooth loss.

Why Do You Need a Dental Filling?

The need for dental fillings becomes inevitable if you have cavities on your teeth where the bacteria in your mouth have eroded the enamel to cause permanent damage. Without dental fillings, you leave yourself open to the risks of traditional infections affecting your tooth and needing expensive treatments besides restorations or replacements at considerable expenditure. Instead of resigning yourself susceptible to unnecessary trouble, don’t you think getting affordable dental fillings is a better option?

What Not to Do after Fillings?

That you had to get dental fillings confirm that you either had tooth decay in your mouth or had damaged your teeth from problems like impacts, teeth grinding, and biting on hard foods. All of the issues mentioned above are easily preventable. For example, tooth decay results from improper oral hygiene practices and gorging on sugary and starchy foods. Impacts on your teeth are accidents that you cannot prevent, but if you have the problem of teeth grinding, you can seek help from the Dallas dentist to provide you with a nightguard to avoid damages to your teeth.

To avoid tooth decay, you must brush your teeth once in the morning and once before getting into bed every day. Flossing your teeth at least once and limiting sugar and starchy foods and beverages also help. Getting regular dental checkups is also essential to prevent tooth decay from progressing to safeguard your oral health.