Discover the Value of Regular Dental Exams and Cleanings

Discover the Value of Regular Dental Exams and Cleanings

May 01, 2021

There is a lot of emphasis put on the need to clean and care for our teeth at home that many patients overlook the need for routine dental visits. While actions such as daily brushing and flossing will definitely help you keep your oral health in check, taking regular dental exams and cleanings is also important. There could be existing problems that remain hidden and only a dentist can help identify them. Generally, it is recommended that the average person visits the dentist at least once in a year. However, depending on your circumstances and the state of your oral health, the visits may need to be more.

What is Involved?

To appreciate dental exams and cleanings, you first need to know what the processes involve. At All Care Dental, we offer both services and this is what you can expect when you visit;

Dental Exams

This is a professional observation of your teeth, gums and mouth to ensure that they are at optimal health. Our family dentist in South Dallas will check perform a physical exam as well as some tests to identify signs of disease and offer the right diagnosis. For the physical exam, only sight and touch are used. The dentist will look around for any visible signs such as cavities and plaque. The exam is not just limited to the teeth and gums but extends to soft tissues in the mouth, head and neck, where the dentist tries to feel and look for any signs of an abnormality.

When it comes to the tests used in dental exams, mostly x-rays are used. An occlusion of the mouth may also be taken if the dentist suspects you have a problem with your bite. To get a good idea of the necessary tests to perform on you, your dentist will take into account your medical history, this includes both dental and general health history. This is necessary as it has been determined that some health conditions and medications do have an impact on the state of your oral health.

The overall goal of dental exams is to help prevent oral complications. It also facilitates early diagnosis which increases chances of successful treatment. You can also consider it to be a proactive dental care measure that ensues your mouth stays healthy at all times.

Dental Cleanings

Regular professional dental cleanings are an important aspect of good oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing sure does help keep your teeth and mouth clean but once in a while it is good to have a dentist clean your teeth. It is recommended that your teeth are professionally cleaned at least every 6 months. This helps with issues like cavities ad gingivitis and also prevents you from developing any major dental complications in between visits.

The process can be performed by your regular dentist or a hygienist. It is usually done after a dental examination when it has been confirmed it is safe to proceed. First, a scaler is used to remove plaque and tartar around the gumline and in between the teeth. As this happens you may hear a scraping sound but there shouldn’t be pain. The duration this process takes will depend on the amount of plaque and tartar that has accumulated on your teeth. Next, a gritty toothpaste is used to brush your teeth with the aid of a high-powered electric brush. This further removes any tartar or plaque that the scaler could not remove. Your teeth will then be expertly flossed, to clean trouble spots between the teeth that regular flossing may not reach. Finally, your mouth will be rinsed with liquid fluoride and if necessary, you may have a fluoride treatment applied to help your teeth fight against cavities.

To get a dental examination near you, visit our clinic or book an appointment with us today. Our friendly and well-trained staff offer personalized treatment to all patients to ensure your needs are met. You will also be educated on the importance of the procedure and given a breakdown of what to expect to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience.