Are Removable Dentures Convenient for Long-term Use? 

Are Removable Dentures Convenient for Long-term Use? 

Oct 01, 2021

Does the thought of dental surgery to replace your lost teeth scare you? The good news is that dentistry has various dental procedures and treatment options that can cater to your needs and dental expectations. For example, with removable dentures in Dallas, your teeth are replaced without the need for surgery or any invasive dental work.

What Are Dentures?

They are oral appliances used in restorative dentistry to replace missing teeth. For you to get dentures, you must be missing multiple teeth in a row. You can either get partial or full dentures, depending on how many teeth you have lost.

There are variations in the creation of dentures to make them favorable for different patients. Other than the materials used to create dentures, variations in denture dentistry have to do with how they are installed. In some cases, patients are adamant about getting a permanent tooth replacement solution for their missing teeth, which necessitates the use of dental implants to secure the dentures. However, many patients prefer removable dentures, which can be managed at individual convenience.

Are Removable Dentures Convenient?

Removable dental dentures near you are just meant to restore the functionality of your mouth and the aesthetics of your smile. If you have certain preferences about the oral appliances you desire for your dental restoration, therefore, you have to make it clear with a dentist near you during your dental consultation.

When it comes to removable dentures, the most important factor you should bear in mind is comfort. The beauty of removable dentures is the convenience of removing and wearing them at your preference. If therefore, your dentures are not comfortable, you will not be pleased to wear them even for a day, leave alone in the long term. As such, it makes all the difference to get customized dentures in a dental clinic near you, will are tailored to your mouth. Ideally, a dentist in Dallas will use impressions of your mouth to come up with Dentures that snug your mouth perfectly. Therefore, removing and wearing them at your convenience will not be uncomfortable.

What Happens If Dentures Are Ill-fitting?

You will not need your dentist to tell you that your dentures are ill-fitting. When your dentures fit perfectly, you will not have any problems with the proper functionality of your mouth. One indicator of properly fitting dentures is when your partials align with your natural teeth. Other than that, the lower teeth of your dentures should slightly float above your gums for a proper bite. If those two are compromised, your dentures are already ill-fitting. Other than that, to realize that your dentures are problematic, you will experience certain dental problems linked to wearing the dentures:

  • Sore, swollen, and reddened gums
  • Painful mouth sores and blisters on your gum line that hardly heal
  • Pain in your jaw and gums when you chew
  • Difficulty speaking properly
  • Dentures falling off randomly

Will You Need to replace Your Dentures?

Although dentures are incredible for replacing lost teeth, they are not as durable as natural teeth. Over time, your dentures will suffer damage, either to general wearing down or poor maintenance. As such, after a few years, you will need to visit your dentist to have your dentures repaired or replaced. If your removable dentures eventually become ill-fitting, it is a sure sign that you need to visit your denturist for denture repair. Other signs that you need to replace or fix your removable dentures include the following:

  • Chipped or broken teeth – usually due to dental trauma and accidents
  • Bad breath – it could be an indication of an infection in your gums or as a consequence of poor oral hygiene regarding denture care.
  • Oral sores – although they are removable, your dentures should not cause any sores on your gums, especially after a few weeks of wearing them consistently.
  • Facial shape changes – you wouldn’t know the impact that teeth have on your facial appearance until your dentures become problematic enough to disfigured your face. Be keen to check the fullness of your cheeks as well as the appearance of your jawline.
  • Speech difficulties – usually caused by excessive salivation and fit changes of your dentures